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Default Re-united with my Spitty !

Unbelievable story.

About a year ago,I thought my Dynam Spitty had been lost forever, and it shows up last night at our club meeting. To make a long story short( well, kind of). our winter meetings are held at a place called Paradise Cove, a private catering operation that holds weddings. It's behind the tree line of our field in a secluded area next to Grapevine Lake.

Last year, while flying at dusk, I lost visual and she went down near Paradise Cove. 3 of us drove over there looking for it but had no luck. In the following days, I went back to look several times. In the high brush, woods , lakeside, you name it. No luck. So, I gave up the search and ended up buying the Durafly version. Had to have another Spit and decided to try something different.

Well last night , the lady who runs the place tells our club President that she had been storing a plane for about a year in the closet and just king of forgot about it. Sure enough, it was my Spitty. I arrive to the meeting and there she is sitting on the dance floor.

What the lady didn't think to do was remove the battery. EEK ! The fuse was bulging badly and the lipo was still in there- Connected ! Oh my. She didn't realize she almost burned her facility down.

It needs some work , especially gluing from the crash. Might need a new V-stab but all in all not too bad at all, considering. Starboard wing tip snapped along seam line but still there. Easy glue job. V-stab and rudder detached and missing rudder horn. No big deal there. The forward fuse split at the seam from where the lipo expanded greatly. Epoxy fix.

Everything else looks good.

I'm in Spitfire heaven now !

What a nice surprise. I also won our " Model of the Month" contest with my FMS P-51. yay !

The fix is on. Not a big deal at all. Some epoxy and a little bead of Welders glue for the rudder. Since I have a Mr.RC Sound system in my FMS P-51 , might just throw a speaker into the Spitty and bring her back to life with a V-12 Series 60, two stage, supercharged RR Merlin. LOL Funny thing was it had a Futaba fasst rx and I've since moved on to Spektrum . Handed it to one of the guys who flys Futaba. She'll get an AR610, Orange or Lemon.

Back on the flight line soon !


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