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Default Large Slow Stick

Hey Swaps: You are in luck, check out Chellie's Slow Stick build from 2010. I built one over a year ago kinda like it, and my 6 year old grand daughter drives it around in the sky. Mine will fly til your neck is tired on a 2200 mah 3S battery. It flys well at about 1/4 throttle and has way too much power at full. You can hand launch in rough terrain by just holding it up giving it about 2/3 throttle and let go it'll go straight up. (I used a Hobby King Turnigy ST3007 Donkey motor and Turnigy 35 amp ESC.) Way too much power, but then I like to have enough power to get out of trouble, like when the little one is heading straight at the cell tower in her back yard. Click image for larger version

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Check out the link for a plan and a scheme. If you have a Dollar Tree store near you their foam board is much lighter than cardboard, and very cheap and easy to work with. If you are in a hurry use hot glue, if you are not use Elmer's Carpenter Glue. I took the paper off the foam for the wing, but left it on for the ribs, (easier to draw on).

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