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Default Sig XA 41 Sbach 300 observations...

I decided to do this when I was almost finished with the model… so what follows might appear to be disjointed and hap-hazard.

I will be making a series of posts, to accommodate the photographs, so I ask that you hold your questions until I post the last "installment"; otherwise, your query might get lost in the rubble. If you simply cannot wait, please PM me.

First some background. Bear with me, as I feel this is necessary to "explain" a few things that cropped up.

A good friend, who is rather high up the food chain in this industry, told me that Pacific Rim-built ARFs have morphed into a sort of hierarchy. The very best ones come from a certain province in China; and Sig ARFs once were made here.

Farther down the food chain, as it were, are the second-tier Chinese builders, and the Vietnamese factories. Here is where this ARF is produced, at the SeaGull facility. Why? Economics, I suspect. Sig has gone through a LOT of changes over the past few years.

Anyway, I was quite surprised to see the "Made in Vietnam" sticker on the box, and was NOT surprised that this kit is not as… "crisp", I suppose, is the word I'm looking for… as the earlier Sig ARFs, which I had several of.

That said… the overall quality of the kit is excellent, and actually a bit better than I expected at this price point. The fit of the critical parts was SUPERLATIVE; the hardware was adequate (I used everything except the supplied pushrods and the 4-40 motor mount bolts & blind nuts) and the covering job is primo. More on that last in a moment.

I haven't flown it yet; just finished her yesterday, then realized I had a bit more work to do (installing a separate receiver pack; more on that later, as well). So these posts will be confined to actually assembling the model and getting it set up. Once I actually get her in the air, I'll comment on that.

Here she is:

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