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Default Charger question

I know this belongs on the Charger/battery subforum but when I tried to post it there, nothing happened . I hope it posts here...
After not flying for several years, I ordered a Hawk Sky which should arrive today. I also ordered a second battery, same as the original: 11.1V1800Ma LiPo. The RTF plane comes with a Dynam 3 Cell standard Li-po charger.
From my flying past, I have a Hextronic HX8080 charger/balancer. Rather than charge in my car I got a wall powered power source which was adapted from a computer power supply by adding a cigarette lighter style socket. This was made for me by a member of another forum and it worked fine for the NiMH batteries I was using then.
Is there any reason I can't use this for current LiPOs? It should work, but LiPos make me a bit nervous. Thanks
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