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Originally Posted by time bandit View Post
I've ordered the EVA from MM and would like to know who's built one of these and what electronics you used, motor, esc, battery, servos etc. Does it fly stable at slower speeds? I also am interested in their Taylorcraft model. I'm wondering if it's best suited for indoor or can it be flown in a small field in light wind? Is it just a slow fly model or can it scoot full throttle?
I've built six EVA's, two bipes and four Sports. I've never built the 3D wing.
The plane comes with mounts for both a stick mounted motor and an outrunner mount. Any motor around 150 watts will be enough. The model weighs 16-18 oz fully built, so 150-175 watts will give you unlimited vertical. I used a 3S 1500mAh battery, and a 30 amp ESC. In my last one, I used a Scorpion 2215 motor. I flew it at under half throttle for basic flying. It is a very stable flyer, and will slow down very well for landing. It is a very good low wing/aileron trainer.

I've also built the Taylorcraft. It builds very quickly and easily. I have flown it outside in low wind (under 3mph) and indoors. Because of it's light weight,
I would not attempt to fly it in wind. But it is a nice slow flyer. I can loop it, but do not have enough rudder throw to do a rudder roll.

Hope that helps.

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