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Exclamation What electric motor do I need?

Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'll start off with a small introduction. I'm a Automotive Mech Engineering Major college kid in Kansas, and I'm 19 years old, will be 20 this summer. My uncle is big into RC planes and has been trying to get me into them. It's not that I didn't want to get into them, it's just the fact that everything costs money, and I've already got two other expensive hobbies (Building a mustang for the drag strip, and I'm a drummer, so I've got some money dumped into drums).

Well, I met a guy at my college who's getting into RC planes, and I mentioned to him that my Uncle was big into them. My buddy told me that I should really think about getting a plane and start flying with him (my buddy). Sooooooo, this week when I got home for spring break I went to my uncles house and talked to him for a while about possible getting 1 plane to mess around with/learn on. He told be he got a plane from and auction for dirt cheap because nobody wanted it. He called it an "indestructible plane" and said I could have it, but recommended something different thats easier to start with. I told him that the indestructible one would be good enough. And I figure its a good thing I took that one because I'll most likely be crashing a lot! I figure this way I shouldn't have to make as many major repairs.

The plane he gave me is made out of corrugated plastic. I'm sure a lot of you Vets know what I'm talking about. It is set up for nitro, but I'd rather have electric. I believe it has all the servos I need to make it fly. The only thing I know of that it needs is a power source (battery), motor and receiver. My friend has a receiver and transmitter we can use for this plane, although I may end up getting a receiver for this plane and just use his transmitter. So my biggest question is what electric motor to get for this thing? I have absolutely no idea what size/brand to get. I read through a few of the threads on how to choose motors and such, but I still need help. This plane is pretty heavy, so I know I'll need a powerful motor. Also, I'm sure I'll need to modify this plane to fit the electric motor since its set up for a nitro motor. Being that I'm in college and have other expenses at the moment, I am on a tight budget. I realize that sometimes you can skimp on parts, but other times you can't (this is a HUGE problem with newbs in the "race car" world). I will most likely try to find a motor on Ebay that will suit my needs for a good price if at all possible. I probably won't be able to purchase anything until I start my summer job again (Mid May) unless I come across a deal too good to pass up.

RECAP: What motor should I purchase to get this heavy thing airborne???

Thanks to everyone for help!
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