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Originally Posted by CHELLIE View Post
I am Stubborn Too But i hate to see someone try to fly a Plane thats Way Way over their head, its ok to be a Little Stubborn but you have to draw the line between Stubborn and Stupid IMHO
Stupid is a bit excessive IMO, but I understand your concern, and I do value your opinion. I appreciate everyone's help. Like I said before, I don't have much $$$ to spend, so buying another plane is out of the question. I understand there is the proper way to go about learning to fly, and the "stupid" way to do it. I've flown before and I'm a very quick learner. My uncle said I was much better than him the first time I flew with him, and he'd been flying a year at that time. Again, I'm not saying I'm very experienced. I understand I will crash, and this will be a more difficult plane to fly. As long as I understand these things and accept that it is a risk, whats the harm? I will not be the most avid RC plane flyer. I'm only doing this because the plane was free and my uncle could care less about it, and it's something to do on weekends at college.
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