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Unhappy Has Anyone had Something like this Happen to You

This Almost Drove me Crazy or Crazier

Hi Everyone for the last 2 days, I have been trying to find out why the Hot water pipes in my bathroom are making a Loud noise, the noise sounds loudest in the bathrooms I can turn off the water valve at the hot water heater, and the noise goes away Ok, I thought i might have a pin hole leak in the Hot water pipe but the noise comes and goes so before i go ripping into the walls and attic to replace the hot water lines, I thought I might Check a few things first, also the pressure relief valve on the water heater sometimes leaks a little. Hint, When i bought this house 5 years ago, the main water pressure relief valve was stuck, i could not adjust it, so i thought, lets just leave well enough alone also there was no shut off valve for the water sprinklers, they just taped into the 1" main water line, Ok, So I thought, maybe the Main Pressure relief valve is stuck, and the water pressure is to high, causing the water heater pressure relief valve to leak a little causing some Harmonic Noise in the water pipe, Thats what I was hoping for because i did not want to replace the houses Hot water pipes I knew the main pressure valve adjusting bolt was stuck, so I replaced it and installed some plastic ball shut off valves for the main water line and one for the sprinklers, got it all in and guess what, I had a Drip leak, took it apart and resealed the leaking fitting, then it leaks some where else I hate plumbing 3rd times a Charm, no more leaks, then i replaced the Hot water Heater pressure relief valve, I replaced the hot water heater about 2 years ago with a new Pressure Relif Valve, I could not believe it, the pipe coming out of the hot water heater PRV was full of corrosion and rust, the steel pipe was eaten up, maybe electrolysis had something to do with it, because the PRV is brass and the short pipe out of the PRV was galvanized steel then to a flex copper pipe going outside the house, maybe, the PRV was all corroded inside and seeping from time to time causing the Hot Water pipes to make all kinds of funny Loud Noises I used a Plastic pipe after the PRV this time I finished up the job about4 hours ago, and my legs are killing Me, The Valves are in a Valt in the ground about 2 1/2 feet down, I am getting to old for this Sheet LOL, I Had My oldest son help me, Its fixed now, no more Funny Loud noises in the walls and pipes, I am a Happy Camper that I did not have to tear up walls to replace piping, out here in Calif, they also run the pipes under the concrete slab glad i did not have to break up the slab to repair any leaking pipes Ok, Time to Play with my Model Airplanes Again LOL Take care, Chellie

Btw, I Think I saved myself about $500.00 + In Labor Replacing the Main water pressure valve and installing 2 shut off valves and a hot water heater PRV, Parts cost me about $150.00, Plumbers in the area wanted $275.00 Just for labor just to replace my Hot water heater 2 years ago. I did it myself I told you I was cheap

I may be getting Older, But I Refuse to grow Up I am Having to much Fun to Grow Up LOL
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