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Default New Hawk Sky question

Cross posting this in case some folks don't bother to look at the beginners' forum...
My new Hawk Sky arrived on Monday and I finally got to take a look at it today. I could see right from the get-go that the manual would not be much help when it told me to "spread the epoxy glue averagely..." to install the rudder and horoz. stab. Interesting grammar, and there's no way this epoxy which is a two part glue that I use all the time. So far I have a few questions right away with many more to come, no doubt.
The prop is just a press on friction fit to the shaft. Once I get the hang of flying the Hawk I may want to change the prop as many people have suggested. Are there other press on props or will I need some sort of adapter?
I ordered a spare battery,same Dynam battery as the original except that instead of the nice beefy double banana connector it has pieces of shrink tubing on the end of the leads. Can I get those same connectors as the original to match the ESC leads, or should I change them all to something else?
The aileron servo leads are pretty long, and they plug into some fairly large connectors. It looks like all of this stuff will prevent the wings from seating properly against each other-- how do I handle this?
I can't see or feel the ESC, which I assume is glued to the roof of the electronics compartment. Is this something I should try to change for easier access later on?
I can already see that I'll have to cut away some of the foam under the tail control surface servo arms to keep the ends of the Z-bends from dragging. The guide tubes for the push rods are just flapping in the breeze--clear tape them down?
Like I said, I'm sure I'll have more questions as I proceed. Thanks.

BTW-- it has already been suggested to me that I check the long threads already devoted to planes like this, but there's too much to sift through to find answers to one or two questions. I'll continue looking at those threads for sure for hints, but if anyone knows answers to my current questions, I'd appreciate help so I can get flying!
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