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Build Review A honey of a build ~ Tom Hunt Elipstik 700!

I got a long triangular box in the mail today from AeroCraft (just a few weeks after ordering it, too!). Inside was...
  • A 36" long bundle of various size balsa sticks.
  • One small sheet of laser cut lite ply.
  • Two sheets of balsa, also laser cut.
  • One blank sheet of balsa.
  • A small bag of miscellaneous parts.
  • One 12 inch piece of music wire.
  • One Speed 600 brushed motor.
  • Building instructions and one very large sheet of schematics.
The clear covering material which I have read traditionally comes with this bird was not included with my kit, which looks to be more for building a cartoon version of a honey bee than an airplane...
Click image for larger version

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...which has me wondering if the iridescent clear plastic for flower arrangements could be used. According to the instructions the supplied clear was made of Mylar, so maybe I could use the iridescent stuff to cover this balsa wood bumble bee; at least for the wings. I do have two color change coverings in my hanger, one is violet-silver, the other purple-gold. Also intriguing possibilities.

The specified loading for this 700 SqIn flying wing is between 7 and 8 oz/SqFt. But that is with the original design's oil drum - excuse me - brushed 600 can motor and 7-8 NiCd C cells. Yes, I said C-cells, that's not a mistype! (correction, actually it is, they are subC cells). I'll be using LiPos and a brushless, which kinda makes me wonder if the extra weight of retractable landing gear was really all that crazy an idea after all. Of course I could always chuck the supplied lumber altogether, go Pat Tritle on the thing and claim I've just invented antigravity...

Just kidding on both of those.

I will be replacing the C cells and can motor with Lipo and Brushless though. But keeping the standard lumber; I want a plane for the windier conditions that seem to be all too prevalent at my club field. So a little extra weight and ruggedness may come in handy.

Y'all weren't kidding about the plans for this bird, which is built all in one piece, they are BIG. I will definitely be glad I commandeered that 36" wide door for my build table as the sheet will be occupying most if not all of it. However they are so simple the three page build instructions are almost an afterthought. I Kid You Not, if anyone asks what would be a good first kit for beginning builders, don't be afraid to suggest this one. One thing I particularly like about them, and which would also make this an excellent beginners build: the plans actually state which type of lumber (soft or hard) should be used where.
After that jumbled mess that I got with the Eastbourne kit, this one is going to be fun!

OK, I got my "drone licence"...
When does the season start and what Ammo can I use?
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