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Hi Time Bandit! I hope you enjoy your EVA. I like mine a lot.

For the EVA, I think your list will be about all you need. You will need some pliers to bend push rods and small screwdrivers for mounting things.... I do like to build the tail feathers on a flat surface so you will need wax paper or some other thin plastic to build on. I actually like using left over covering backing better than wax paper. The plastic bag that the kit comes in would work well to build on as well. You will not need a cork-board to pin anything to. I do like the cutting mats as a building surface, but it's not needed with the EVA.

Good Luck! I think the Eva is a good 1st plane to build. It was my second build and it flies great even with a couple of small boo-boos that I did.


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