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I drop my drafting table flat and use 1" blue foam for pin sticky. I also build on blue foam on top of a hollow core door = big and flat! To keep glue off plans and foam I use parchment paper available at a food store, like Teeter or Food Lion. Forget wax paper, it ain't like wax paper back in the day and any type glue will stick to it. So far epoxy, Titebond, Sigment, and CA don't like parchment paper, build pops off fairly easy.

Tweezers are nice to have - I use kind that are shut and you have to squeeze to open. Lots of pins and small scraps of wood or you can cut up a plastic coffee can lid into tiny 1/4 x 1/4 or so pieces, jab pin thru it and then the plastic bit can hold balsa down with the pin next to the balsa rather then stuck thru it. Weights - I use "ducks" which are quite heavy and designed to hold a drafting spline in a curve, but for building I use them to hold tail feathers and the like flat when splicing them.

Not sure what an EVA is buildwise, all my builds are balsa, some ply and spruce, and tissue with a few foam core wings involved. Old school stuff . . .
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