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Talking D I Y Dentistry

Hi Everyone I am scared to go to the Dentist Now Days Not because it will Hurt, But Because some Dentist Around Here Are Trying to take me for a Ride I went to a Dentist thats part of a large dental firm, and had them clean my teeth, then the dentist said that I had a small hole on the front of one of my tooth, and that it needs to be filled in right away, I told them that I would keep an eye on it, Yea right, went to another dentist 6 month later, and there was no hole in my tooth, the second Dentist said that all of my fillings need to come out and be replaced, Yea right, he drew up a estimate for Thousands of Dollars, said i had great credit, and would even give me a sponsored credit card, Yea Right, He wanted me to make the Mortgage Payment on his Mansion, Yea Right,

I dont trust Any Dentist Anymore, I am On to Their Game.

So I need to have a Tooth Crowned, they want min $400.00 for a Crown, I dont have dental or medical Insurance, I cant Afford it, I am Retired on a fixed Income, so i have to pay cash, and i just want the Minimal done, So Its getting to where I will have to do it myself LOL

I just Purchased a Dental Crown assortment, made in Switzerland for $39.95 and some dental adhesive for $6.00, I will Handel it Myself or die trying LOL

I may be getting Older, But I Refuse to grow Up I am Having to much Fun to Grow Up LOL
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