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Originally Posted by solentlife View Post
I think it might be interesting for many looking at Pushers - to know combo results ... so reasonable options can be picked for a model.

I've used low to very high KV motors ... amps draw from 10 ... to over 100A .... watts from 150 to over 1.2KW .....

Result is - I'm still fumbling around trying to decide what to use on next etc.

Interesting results come out as well ... the Funfighter 1950kv motor can give you better speed / performance than a 2500kv on same prop ... How ? Better amp / volt management ...

I'm interested if people can post up their combos ....

a) Motor name / size / kv
b) Prop
c) ESC
d) LiPo
and any speed / performance data ? as well as what size / weight model.

This will greatly help those who are looking to get started in this format. As well as build a database useful to all of us.

Once I get home - I will get my Wattmeter and RPM counter out - start testing my combos ....

Hopefully I can make up a table for those interested to have it ...

man i total agree with this. But not just for pushers, for a new person coming in it would be of great help to get them started. and that moto calc B/S thingy its ok if you got a teacher for a freind. BUT THATS ABOUT IT... some simple motor prop,esc, bat combos would greatly help a newbe... lots of people can say this "N" that and thats fine for all you guys "N" gals that have the brains for this . for for us bottom feeders its a real problem finding good info....
ive seached untill i just gave up and said H---ll with it all going back to nitro at least its easy to fly... ...
BUT I REALLY THINK people just dont want anybody coming into this HOBBY......... thats my 2 cents any who... ive got some answers here and i really thank all who have helped (i needed it) with my electrical isues...
but if there was a place that had all this stuff already figgered out for us then we could buy & fly and learn as we go after that.....
and again I THANK ALL Who have helped me.......ok im done
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