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Default Simple pan & tilt mechanism for antenna tracking

Our new Actobotics components and Channel Mount Power Gearboxes provide an easy solution for a strong and powerful tilt system - great for antenna trackers!

Here's a list of what you need:
(1) SPG400A-CM Channel Mount Gearbox (you choose the servo and ratio) : starting at $84.98 - SERVO INCLUDED
(1) Channel Bracket C : #585480 : $3.99
(1) 90 Hub Mount A : #585494 : $5.99
(1) pack 6-32x5/16" Socket Head Machine Screws : #632108 : $1.79 (25 pack - use 8, 17 extra that can be used to attach tilt to a pan gearbox...see bottom of post)
(1) pack 6-32x1/2" Socket Head Machine Screws : #632114 : $2.19 (25 pack - use 4, 21 extra)
TOTAL COST: $98.94

Here is a quick clip of the tilt in motion. This video shows a standard SPG5485A-CM with a 180 rotation modification and 5:1 gear ratio.
If you want to attach this tilt to a pan gearbox to create a complete pan/tilt system, we suggest using a SPG400A-CM-360 gearbox for the base pan. This is the same as the tilt gearbox, but instead of the standard rotation modified to 180, you would select the 360 degree version, (you choose the servo and ratio).

Here is a quick clip of the pan AND tilt system in motion. Notice the top gearbox rotates 180 degrees, while the base gearbox rotates 360.
If you have any questions about this setup, give us a shout! [email protected] or 620-221-0123.
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