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Default I Love My Toyota 2008 Sienna Van, But

I everyone I love my 2008 toyota van but, Its a magnet I park it in a Parking lot, come back, and someone has side swiped the right side of it, not real bad, but bad enough to put creases and dents in the metal, then people swing open their doors and put dents in the sides, some one rear ended me once, not real bad, but bad enough to go the the repair shop, and if thats not all, a Year ago, my right rear tire came apart, it exploded, taking the rear plastic bumper cover and ripping it up, and put some more dings in it, then, last night, I was driving home from disneyland, and it was dark out, I was on the freeway, and the truck to the right of me either lost a recap on his tire or he ran over a recap tire tread that came loose and flung it over towards me, I had about 1/2 of a second to react, i did not see the recap tire Tread untill my head lights lit it up, then it was to late, it cracked my front plastic bumper cover, made a crack in it about 6" long, and ate up the plastic wheel well housing, the tire was rubbing the plastic wheel well, making all kinds of noise, all in all I got lucky that that was all the damage that was done, I pulled into a gas station, checked out the damage, use some thin rope to secure the loose parts with, and drove the van back home.
I spent all day today fiber glassing the Cracked front bumper cover and repairing the plastic Wheel well housing, what a day, I really wanted to go Flying, Its always something thats keeping me away from Flying Take care and have fun, Chellie

BTW, I think I saved myself about $1200 to $1500 dollars from not having to buy a new plastic wrap around Bumer cover and have it painted to match the van and repairing the plastic wheel well assy. Oh well, I won that round,and no one got hurt so i feel Lucky

I may be getting Older, But I Refuse to grow Up I am Having to much Fun to Grow Up LOL
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