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Originally Posted by remydehaenen View Post
I want to convert a fixed tricycle (nose wheel) trainer that has aluminum tubing fuselage and plastic wings (similar to corrugated cardboard but plastic) about 130 cms wingspan. Weights about 2.7 lbs without .45 cc gas engine. What is the recommended e-engine, ESC, battery, and prop for the conversion to work?
I might have to convert it to a tail-wheeler
Thank you for suggestions
You'd want somewhere around 120 watts per pound of airplane, ready to fly for very good performance, and 150-160 watts per pound of airplane for a model that will pretty much fly straight up, out of sight.

I've purchased a Hyperion motor that is very good quality, for reasonable price. The battery pack is a five cell A123 pack, or a good quality 2500-3500 four cell LiPo pack. The model is a 3D Hobby Shop Vyper, with 48 inch wingspan, 505 square inches, and 37 ounces without motor/battery/esc. Total flying weight is 57 ounces.

That Hyperion motor turns a 13X6.5 APC-E electric prop at 8300 RPM, pulling 40 Amps and 590 watts. That turns into 165 Watts per pound. Take off runs are 10-20 feet, and it will climb out vertical out of sight.

The only problem with this model is, when using full aileron control, that danged thing rotates 3-4 times per second, so I've got the 'triple rates' set to 50%, 80%, and 100% with lots of expo.

Here is the posting on that $49 Hyperion motor.

And, this is the Hyperion motor that I bought for $49.00

And, the model this motor went into:

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