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Angry I'm going frakking nuts!

This is the part of a folding prop that the blades attach to that is fitted onto the motor shaft (or adapter):
I have been looking for over a week trying to find one of these stupid things that will fit the 5mm diameter threaded prop adapter on my outrunner motor, but so far all I have found* are those that have an 8mm hole which is way too big for a 5mm shaft.

Am I missing a page? Is there some "sold separately" thingamabob that I don't know and none of the retailers are telling me about that I am supposed to buy so I can fit a 5mm shaft into an 8mm hole? Any motor or prop adapter for a motor that would have an 8mm shaft would be HUGE. Folding props are used on virtually every electric sailplane built, most of which use motors similar to the one I have. Unless it is for a very large scale NONE OF THESE MOTORS would be anywhere near big enough to have an 8mm motor or prop adaptor shaft; they would be around 5-6mm.

So where are the Gorram yokes that fit them?!


(*straight bore, not tapered as in one that uses a collet)

OK, I got my "drone licence"...
When does the season start and what Ammo can I use?
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