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Default HP Waco Bipe

Got the HP Waco Bipe and went flying on Sunday. It is very light and lifted off fast. Flew it around a bit to orient myself and trim it out. Only problem I encountered was when I tried to loop it for the first time. All of the mounts on the top wing pulled off the N struts and went in of course. Split the nose, broke the motor mount and broke the bottom wing. Up until then it was a really great flyer. I to took it into surgery and had it repaired in about 2 hrs. No real unrepairable damage. Mostly cosmetic and a prop of course. The struts came off very clean and saw there was just a dab of some kind of glue holding them on. Not sure what kind it was though, silicone, hot glue, ETC. Will try again next sat. unless its raining. Wonder if anyone else has had the same experience with this plane.
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