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Default Tell me what to buy!

Hey everyone,

I just ordered a NitroPlanes Aerosky B60 kit. I am looking for recommendations as to which motors, ESC's, batteries and chargers I should buy. My goal with the plane is longer flight times, not necessarily more power. I'd like to charge two batteries at once in closer to 30 minutes than an hour. Here are the specs:

Two 4011 OutRunner Brushless 900KV, Two 45amp Brushless Electronics Speed Controller, 14.8v 3600mah 25c Li-Po.

With the goal in mind of longer flight times, what would you guys recommend?

Also, this plane does not have counter-rotating props. I would prefer it did, and since I'm starting from scratch I figured I could make that happen.. I'm assuming they make spinners and props cut in both directions..

Thanks for all your help!
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