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Default Top-Flite Gold Edition P-51 (65" WS) electric conversion

I'm currently building a TF Gold Edition Mustang and am wondering if anyone has either done a conversion on this airframe or has any good insights on a suitable power system for it.

Basic specs of this bird are:
Stock Number: TOPA0110
65 in (1651 mm)
Wing Area: 734 inē (47.4 dmē)
Weight: 8-10 lb (3629-4540 g)
Fuselage Length: 56.6 in (1438 mm)
Engine Required: 2-stroke .61-.90 cu in or 4-stroke .91-1.20 cu in

As with most of my planes, "If it can't go straight up, it ain't got enough power" is my basic rule of thumb.
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