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Default ESC Determination

I know the function of the ESC, but I am at a loss as to how the required amperage is determined. For example--my Apprentice has a 15 brushless motor, 3200 mah battery, and a 30 amp ESC. Why, in this case, a 30? Why not a 20? Exactly what factors determine this?
I am considering the Electrifly Super Sportster rxr as my first low-wing sport plane. The SSrxr has a motor of undisclosed specs, uses a 1250 mah battery with an ESC of 18 amps. A web reviewer said he always uses a 1500 battery in his SSrxr. I understand that that will give longer flights (everything else remaining constant), but does increasing the battery amperage REQUIRE a larger capacity ESC? What is the relationship between BATTERY amperage and ESC amperage? I understand (I think) that LARGER motors require more ESC capacity, but often motor specs are rather sketchy at best. Still trying to grasp the fundamentals of all these relationships. Thanks for your patience and comments. Gary
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