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Originally Posted by Beemerider View Post
This may have a simple answer but my brain doesn't work quite as well as it once did so I thought I'd ask.

I have a new 2m sailplane (powered). To balance properly a considerable amount of weight will have to be added to the nose. Of course that weight will be right up against the motor and probably upwards of 6 oz. The plane has a good size aluminum spinner (50mm) with alot of empty space in the spinner. I'm thinking about melting a certain amount of lead and weighting the spinner. Of course it has to be done in such a manner as to be perfectly even and then a hole drilled back thru the center for the attaching screw. But I'm thinking the further you can place weight---the less you need. Is this worth pursuing or am I way off base?
Methinks trying to make a weight with lead and getting it balanced properly would be a real problem.

It would be a lot easier to do it with a round piece of brass machined with a lathe. But even still, that is a lot of weight to hang on the front of an electric motor. And, it might be that the motors bearings are rated more for thrust loads then heavy weights hanging off the motor shaft.

I do believe they make heavy prop nuts for glow engines, but don't think they would work with a sailplane's folding prop. Those glow engine bearings are much more robust than the bearings in a motor of perhaps 400 watts or so.

What I've done, where heavier batteries would not fit, was make a suitable weight out of lead shot and epoxy. Mix it up, and glue it to the model as far forward as you can get it. I've also cut off the nose of my sailplanes, and extended the nose three or four inches to allow proper balance. But, that was in the days of kit built models, where access to the same exact covering material was not an issue.

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