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Originally Posted by Wildflyer View Post
If you could take 1 oz from the tail end, it would be about like adding 4-5 oz to the nose depending on moment arms.

If it has a solid sheet tail, I might change to a built up one.

If you try the lead spinner idea, you would have to hold the spinner solidly, somehow keeping in mind it is going to get very hot. Also the back edge of the spinner would have to be exactly level for close balance. don't over heat the lead or you would melt the spinner. Then what happens if it comes loose ? I wouldn't try it.

Maybe a bigger motor?
+1 on that.

If that lead spinner comes loose, it could rip the entire motor out of the model. I had an old Astroflight geared 40 motor some 15 years ago, where the speed control failed, leaving the motor at 50% power.

Not enough to fly the model, to much to land. The landing broke one blade of the prop off. The resulting unbalance completely destroyed the front of the model, from the wing leading edge forward. Some of the destroyed model parts included 1/4 inch aircraft plywood sheeting.

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