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Originally Posted by abborgogna View Post
I am currently laying out a foam profile version of the GeeBee R2 for flying at my local park. My question is what is the best spar material for a 36 inch wing span and what is the best way to install it? I have seen everything from laying the spar on the foam and gluing it down to cutting completely through the foam and gluing the spar between the two halves. My guess is it really doesn't make much difference aerodynamically but from a strength and aesthetic point of view it does. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated. By the way I am using 6mil depron for the building material.
Hi The best spar material is CF square tube, cut a slot so the 6mm CF lays flush in the wing, use some clear packing tape on one side to cover the hole, spread some 5 min epoxy on the CF, lay it in the cut out grove, then cover it with some clear Packing tape, that will make for a very very stiff and strong spar. you only need one spar brace, in the pic i used 2 braces because this was going to be a very over powered plane.

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