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Default Maximum Charging Capacity

Still trying to sort this out . . . Am considering a new charger to replace the one that came with my Apprentice. The ICharger 106B+ has a maximum charging capacity of 250W; the Cellpro MultiPro 4 has 75W. My understanding is that my 3200 mah batteries should only be charged at about 3W. Am I correct in thinking that both chargers would take the SAME TIME to charge the batteries as my existing charger? If I contemplate never flying planes larger than the Parkzone/E-Flite/Electrifly Super Sportster types, what is the advantage of having a charger with max capacity of 150W or 250W??? What, indeed is the advantage of either of the above over my Apprentice charger (beyond the fact that it can only charge 2 or 3 cell batteries??? Thanks. Gary
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