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Default question about electric conversion on CG falcon III...

hello, im a newbie to rc planes.
i have a falconIII model plane that i finished converting to electric drive.
it was a kit i purchased over 20 years ago, and i finally got a chance to finish it this year.
the thing about the conversion, is that it bumped up the published flying weight from 4.5 lbs to 5 lbs, 12 oz.
the motor is an eflite power32, and the battery is a 4S, 3200mAh lipo.
the speed control is an eflite60 ESC.
now, i haven't flown the falconIII yet. i will be asking an experienced flyer at the flying club to take it up for a test flight.
however, before i do that, i would like to get any opinions from experienced flyers of the falconIII and falcon 56 airplanes, on the following question:

- is the current flying weight of my electric - converted falconIII
too heavy ???

thanx in advance, for your time.

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