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Hi Zacs,

Welcome to WF. can you tell us a little more about this model? Fan size? Wing span? Does it have a rudder? Hand launched or rog ? 3S, 4S, more?

This one?

18? Video gamer ? This will be a cake walk for him.

I have a squadron of edf's ranging from the small 50mm's to 64mm's to 70mm's . All have their unique character in terms of flyability.

As this is the first go in the category and he's already experienced with flying wings, etc. there should be nothing to fear.

A couple of things to check: 1). CG- very important that these planes are balanced properly. Find a thread somewhere on the particular model. Check RCG. Often times the mfg.'s recommended cg is off ( by a lot). 2). fan balancing- Many come with poorly balanced fans. Not good. If you know someone who has a dynamic balancer, great. If not, there are several you tubes to show you how to balance edf fans. A well balanced fan makes a world of difference 3). Make sure the blades are not rubbing against the shroud. Not good. Sometimes it take a little light sanding to gain the blade clearance.

On average, expect about 4 minutes of flight time. Most edf pilots fly them wide open. After all, that's why we buy them right? Most will stall rather easily, especially when not enough power is applied through the turns.

Main thing? Have fun !

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