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Default System Troubleshooting

I have a Hacker A60-20M and a Castle HV-85 ESC on 12S. I have put on 20-10, 20-12, 22-10 & 22-12 and I max out on 30 amps (about 1350 Watts). The KV for the motor is 170 r/v, which should put me in the 7000 rpm range. Im getting about 4000 rpm.

I am using GForce 6S 5000 30C in series. Could this be limiting my current somehow? All my wiring is 10G and I'm using Anderson Power Poles 45 Amp Connectors. I am hoping to pull 1750-2000 Watts out of this setup.

Did not notice a voltage drop on Amp meter while testing.

Any ideas?

Thanks for any input.

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