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Default addicted to dollar tree foam board

I've been building for a little while now. All my builds have been traditional balsa construction. Laser cut kits, Sig kits, even guillows.
There's just an amazing feeling after completing a build and seeing a plane in front of you that at one time was just some sheets of wood.

Recently I tried a speed build kit from flitetest. Learned the basics of working with the material. Found some plans online and started building. I haven't looked back since.
Same satisfaction of a traditional build but at a fraction of the cost.
Dollar tree foam board is $1.25 a sheet here in Canada. At most I use 2 sheets in a typical build. What that does is eliminate the pucker facter on the maiden.
Great build satisfaction, and no stress on the maiden.
Not to mention that you can build and fly it all on the same day.
Feel like flying a wing today but don't have one? No problem. Cut it out, put it together, throw it in the air.

I'll still be building my traditional and classic kits, nothing will ever replace that. But these quicky dollar tree planes sure are a blast.

Hmm. Wonder if I'll still feel the same after my first quad arrives in the mail next week?

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