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Default First E-Heli= FUN!

Horizon had a deal on E-Flite Blade RTF MSR's, sooo.......i got one! In less than 2 days, ive ran at least 15 batteries thru this thing, and I CANNOT BELIEVE what ive put this poor heli thru, and its still together and flies just fine! I flew .30 sized Sport helis Years ago(Concept 30 DX, Nexus, Hirobo Shuttle DX) and i remember that if you just layed one over on its side, it could cost you a hundred bucks, not to mention set up time just to get 'em flying again! NEVER been cheaper to fly helis than now! Its a ball to fly, and just like the UMX planes, im pushing harder to improve my skills because im not so concerned with the cost to repair 'em if i break 'em!! GREAT FUN!
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