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Default UMX SBach 342

So I have taken the UMX SBach through its paces, with a total of 4 flights. Overall, the plane is incredibly fun, and it handles wind well, although don't expect and 3D flying in the wind, just sports flying.

The plane is extremely responsive, yet it is not too difficult to fly. Exponential does little for the rudder, or at least with my orange module, and I would like expo higher, but it does not seem to happen. The plane is very quick, and unless I were hovering everywhere, indoor flight would be intense.

The issues of the plane are simply the wheel pants. They don't stay still and actually caused damage when landing and one caught ground, pulling the plane into a curb. The damage was a popped of pant, damaged spinner and a bit of clipped off foam on main wing tip. Nothing too bad, but it would be nice if the pants stayed still.

In short, the UMX SBach is nowhere near a beginner plane, as it is much too twitchy and too quick for its size. It is a great plane to just toss around and have fun in a small package.
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