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Default Antennas

Ok I looked at suggested threads, but they don't relate to Multi Rotor FPV.
I have a PT2 with Zenmuse/Hero. I have upgraded to Cloverleaf antennas for the Transmitter (TX) and Reciever (RX). Thanks to RC Specialties.
I have a Gaui GV-100, with 400mw TX, it had about a 100foot range with the stock little stick antennas.
After I put on the Clover leafs,(standard DJI build) I get about 500' range max. If I put a flat panel on my RX reciever, and point it at the craft I get about 1/4 mile. Line of site.
First I am upgrading to an ImmersionRC 600mw TX.
That should boost my range a bit.

Now I have been searching online about lots of antennas.
-Mad Mushroom 5.8 ghz by IBCrazy, for my RX end

-TrueRC Crosshair 5.8 ghz for RX end

what do you guys think of these antennas? They can't make them fast enough apparently you have to get on a waiting list just to buy one!

Anyone tried these with your Fatsharks? I'm talking to multi rotor users. THX.
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