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Default C Discharge????

I have read "Everything you Want To Know . . ." as well as several other posts concerning C discharge and I still don't get it. I understand that C is a discharge rate of drawing a certain quantity in a specified time period, BUT EXACTLY HOW does it affect real life choices? Using a plane I have ordered (Electrifly Super Sportster rxr) as a specific example---It has a motor of unknown details, an ESC of 18 amps, and a recommended 3-cell battery of 1300A and 30C discharge rate. QUESTION----Assuming weight is NOT a factor, can I safely use a 1300A 20C??? A 1500A 20C??? How about a 1800A 20C??? What would be the UNQUESTIONABLE result of reducing the C from 30 to 20? Are these figures cast in stone or are they wild estimates?
Is there a simple method of converting one of these to the other?
Your input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Gary
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