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Well.....if you read everything, then this link should have helped:

It's a little techie....but the best explanation I've seen yet....Denny knows his stuff!

You stated that "weight is not a factor".....but keep in mind weight is an issue related to both mAh, "C" value and C/G........very few RC air craft are not affected by C/G or the weight distribution factor going up or down dramatically in mAh & "C" value.

Also, many here and at other forums have found the "C" value stated on most low to mid quality batteries can be very mis-leading, especially when the "C" is over the 30 value.

Also...."C" factor is often referred to as the "burst" rate related in amps the battery can safely deliver within a given time cycle (say 10 sec.)'s quite common to need higher "burst" rates in muti-prop craft or extremely acrobatic planes.......for the obvious reasons!
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