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Default $100 Twin Build Contest Batplane

Going to design as I build with the PDF (provided by DEG) as the only part of the design I didn't do on my own.

Plan is:

Build a small flat plate based glider to experimentally determine CG (scrap card stock)

Cut the bat symbol and vertical stabs from 1 inch pink insulation foam.
Cut parts to make the fuselage "box" from scraps of the pink foam.
Insert 1/4 inch dia fiberglass (bike pennant) rod as main spar and possibly other reinforcements to keep the wing stiff.
Place the EDF units, servos and electronics to get appropriate CG
Build ducts around the EDFs (probably a couple of styro soda cups involved here)
liberal use of knife and sandpaper to finish shaping.
Cut in the control surfaces and hinge them
Add landing gear.
Pray that battery placement gets me back on CG
Spray paint and fly.

Actually not starting yet...
I am spearheading (herding cats would be more organized) our local club's participation in a full scale airshow with RC model demonstrations 2-4 May.
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