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Well... I could devise the mounting. Just a mod to single pylon instead of dual pylon I used for the nacelle I put on my big EDF.

Cylinder of foam cut in half.

Carve out for EDF lip and mount lugs if any. If there are lugs then inset appropriate wood plates to accept the screws.

Pylon core is 1/8 aircraft ply for my big EDF. 1/4 inch balsa laminated both sides (below the foam of the nacelle) for something to sand into a symmetrical airfoil. Smaller load I'd use thinner ply maybe... aiming for just stiff enough for the job.

For the dual pylons I have them slotted in and epoxied to the lug mounting plates. For single, depending on EDF size, I might just slot the pylon into the foam and epoxy it or I might arrange to have it BE one of the bolt plates and then add other reinforcement.

Simple and effective.

Note that many EDF foamies just have the EDF nested in the foam.
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