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Originally Posted by mnexplorer View Post
Been lurking for a bit... Got into RC in the mid '80s with cars, and then airplanes.

Most of the air time was on a glider, then a little with a Midwest Aerostar .40.

Got back into it a few years ago with cars again, and helis, which I always wanted to do when young but they were a little out of reach for a kid...

I've already found a lot of useful info on this site so just saying Hi!.

My most recent completed project is a Spirit 100 glider by Great Planes. I bought the kit in '92.... A lot of things happened since then, but the short story is I just finished it this spring. It now sports a Park 450 motor, and landing gear, and has had just a few short, mostly straight flights to get it trimmed. Can't wait to get into some thermals!

So again, Hello.

Hey, welcome to the electric model airplane world. The performance of electric power since 92 has exploded in the past 22 years. Now, it's common to hear of someones electric motor pulling 50 Amps, or perhaps a lot more out of some high powered batteries. And, think nothing of it.

In our club, perhaps 90% of models with wingspans under about 50 inches are electric powered.

Retired and the days are just too short, busier than ever!
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