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Default New Ultra Bright Navigation Lights product

This is a commercial new product announcement by Bluelight Technologies (following the Wattflyer rules on this)

We are pleased to announce our BL-NavLV Navigation / Landing lights and low battery warning product.

Main features are:

- 8 (expandable up to 16) ultra bright LEDs which flash as commercial aircraft lights
- Navigation / Strobe / Landing (Can be switched between High / Ultra brightness modes)
- Two low battery modes: Special alarm flashing sequence when LiPo battery is low voltage or after a certain time flying (Auto or manual Snooze feature which temporarily suppresses the alarm sequence)
- RC Tx input (Can have landing lights come on coincident with landing gear deployment)
- Servo output to activate a parachute (or other electronics) when low LiPo battery detected
- Small warning LED on controller board has two level warning of low (or very low) LiPo battery level
- Redundant battery can be connected to the controller. A 5v BEC output is available in case main LiPo fails
- All set up done via two simple DIP switches on the controller board
- Can be powered from just about any supply, 5v to 26v (no need to connect your main LiPo)
- Optional (free) PC status tool (connection via USB) to check things out including LiPo battery status, and to make more advanced set ups
- Truly a top quality system (with mil spec electrical protection!)

A professional UAV product at an RC hobby price!

Please come and check it out at

(Great product, great quality, great support, .. go on, treat yourself today!)

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