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Default Convince me to keep at it...

OK, so after some fine tuning I got a nice launch of my Hawk Sky on Saturday. Nice smooth, gentle climb. Made my first turn, nice and easy. Started my second turn and all hell broke loose. I'm guessing I banked too steeply and lost lift. In any event, I couldn't regain control and the plane made a truly spectacular crash into a radio/CB mast on the roof of a maintenance building at the soccer field where I was flying. The plane ended up hanging from that mast, wing on one side, fuselage on the other, connected by an aileron servo lead. All that came down to the ground was half of one wing. The nice park people put the plane aside when if blew down and I got it back today. Both wings are snapped in half: so much for packing tape reinforcement! One wing half is totally missing. The LiPO is mashed, and is sitting in a bucket of water right now. The tail feathers are surprisingly intact. No idea if any of the servos or the motor still work.
I'm very disheartened. New wings would run $20, plus almost that much to have them shipped. What to do, what to do...
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