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One reason i recommend the slow stick so often, you can get parts anywhere!

Most toy stores at my local mall ocassionally have on. they will fly on just about any motor/esc/receiver/servo combo.

not the cheapest way, but it will keep you going.

do you have a flight simulator? It goes a long way.

where are you located? Might be able to meet up with some local guys and have them help you get it trimmed in and ready for flight.

another option, headsuprc has $2 shipping and.gets from florida to me in utah in 2 days.

also, many, many flying wings can go through hell and back without major damage.

if your them, your gonna crash sooner or later. it won't take too long to get it to be later if you can get a bit of help here and there.

also, buy cheepie hobby king batteries. they are about 1/2 the price you will find them anywhere else.

slow stock prop reversal. it flies! easily! 543 watt dual motor bipe slow stick. push-me-pull-you. 242 watt 3 channel slow stick. 365 watt mini ultra stick. 415 watt mini contender. 810 watt ultra stick .25e. 220 watt alpha 450 sport (retired).
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