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Default Eflite Power 10 verses BL 10

I need some help with an eflite motor. What is the difference between the Eflite Power 10 and the BL10 other than their kv rating? Can both be use for aircraft or is one for airplane and the other for something else? I purchased the BL 10 to go on a T-28 I was using a 30a esc and a 3s lipo 1800 battery. When I ran it for the first time it darned the battery in about 3min and it was very hot. I put another battery on with an amp meter by half throttle it was drawing over 100amps. Also I had the original 9.5 X 7.5 prop on it. I don't think it burned the esc? So I was wondering if the BL-10 is not for aircraft. The power10 is rated 1100kv and the Bl 10 is rated for 1250kv. Any help and/or info will be greatly appreciated. I don't know a lot about electric flight yet I'm trying to learn. So be patient with the dummy here please.
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