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Originally Posted by tobydogs View Post
maybe it's just me.

I've been switching out the EC connectors to deans T's,even though i do an ok job i really find soldering one of my least favorite parts of this hobby. i tin the plug and the wire....put the 2 together and reheat,smoke gets in the air and my hands aren't as steady as they used to be. also i move so slowly do to the outside chance i might blob solder across the 2 poles for excitement no one wants.

so out of curiosity,does anyone else dislike soldering? this is really a post for me to vent after only doing 3 batteries in an hr. did i say i was slow.......sheeeeesh
Oh Boy
You've opened a can of worms here!

I've standardized on those Anderson Power Pole Connectors back in the mid 1990's, when these APP connectors were used at work. The company used over 1000 APP connectors a month back then. It's likely several thousand a month now.

That said, the current APP connector is no match for what my company used. The current APP connector is a cheaper unit. But, after much searching, Alliedelectronics does stock the original APP connectors.

The current APP connectors are only good for perhaps 40 Amps or so, but the Allied units have a notably thicker contact. I use them at 60 Amps continuous current with no problems. (I had one of those original APP connectors fail from overheating at a continuous 55 Amps. The other end of the same wire had the Allied connector, no problem was noted.)

Nice thing about these APP connectors, they are crimped with a crimping tool. After doing one or two of them, you can easily make a two wire connector in less than a minute.

If you go to the Allied Electronics terminal, remove the black plastic guide from the crimping tool. That black plastic guide doesn't work with the Allied units.

Here is more info:

Anderson Power Poles???

The Allied Shells are about 60 cents each. Do not buy the shells that cost $1.50 or so. This is a much larger connector that will handle perhaps 140 Amps or more as we use them. (I've got a few of those big connectors for other projects.)

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