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Originally Posted by tobydogs View Post
thanks Denny,

those crimp on connectors look interesting. but do the plastic covers have red and black together or do you plug pos and neg wires separately one at a time.that would be a little annoying with more loose wire to handle. also how large are those plugs. if all i had to do is crimp new connectors on that would be very tempting to switch plugs. especially knowing they could handle more power than the deans.
Those APP connectors can be singe wire, two wire, three wire, or what ever number is required. These units have locking tabs on them that allow the plastic shell's red shell, and black shell to lock together.

I've found that it's a good idea to put a tiny drop of thin CA between the black and red shells to permanently lock them together.

The APP connectors are slightly larger than the Sermos units.

Don't try to crimp them with a pair of pliars. That will not provide a quality crimp. The proper crimp joint consists of a gas tight connection between the wire and the terminal. Try to pull the wires out of the terminal, and, good luck. They don't come out.

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