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Originally Posted by dahawk View Post
Sounds like you really want to limit the travel .on the control surfaces. So with dual rates, set the high to the highest level you feel comfortable with and the low to something less than that. Or , mechanically limit the throws.

As a beginner, I found the throws for the elevator were more critical than the aileron. After all , how will you ever learn a barrel or axial roll maneuver?
Fully agree. Nice thing about dual rates, and expo, you can change how sensitive the model is to transmitter stick travel without messing around with the servo arms and clevises.

As for aileron throw, I've got a Vyper model that, if you use recommended aileron throw, it will rotate about 4 times per second. It's impossible to stop it right side up with that level of control. This model has 50%, 70% and 100% on triple rates, plus about 30% expo on all of them.

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