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Originally Posted by Bill Gibson View Post
I was finally setting up my Formosa, and when i programmed the dual aileron servo function using the aileron and aux 1 port, the ailerons were going the wrong the wrong way...and i couldnt reverse them out! What have i missed in the process? Should i just get a Y harness and connect both servos to the aileron port on the 6100E rx?

My other DX6i has a problem...i was linking up a new model to the 10th model memory, and the screen started flashing mode F and the radio does nothing but beep! Havent even had it for a other one is at least 4 years old and still works paerfect...any ideas? Many Thanks! Bill Oh, if i need to send somewhere for repair, who do i actually send it to??

I'm assuming you've tried to access the DX6i servo reversing commands for both the aileron and Aux1 channels?

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