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Originally Posted by Wrongway-Feldman View Post
I just received my first quad, the HK SK450 rtf.
This unit comes with the KK2 board. This board seems solid although a little long in the teeth compare to the newer flight controllers available.
Seeing as I am a newbie to multirotors is there a better board available with a better self leveling feature, perhaps a heading lock and altitude control?
Too much to ask for under a $100.
I was looking at the HKpilot Mega V2.5 but don't really know enough if this is a good choice.
Head lock (or RTH) and altitude correction.... under a $100.00 that will be compatible with the HK SK450 (Turnigy)....?......Not that I'm aware of......NAZA maybe....but not sure the newer M-V2 version will may take other mod's to get what you want....and all said and done, you'll have a Phantom priced craft in the end.......
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