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Default Motor Brushed/Brushless Advantage/disadvantage

ok guys everyone explains how they work somewhat, but why is one better than the other? I buy a plane RTF it has a motor/esc/battery, why should I change it? Does is Battery life (run time) better with one over the other?

Now with my Car or Motor Home I buy the largest 12v battery I can make fit in the required Space. (Minnesota Winters require more Starting Ampe than Florida/Texas Winters)

Just bought a Super Cub S and after it fly's Ok, I plan on adding floats, some say prop change is needed others say larger motor, then others say it just flys a little slower.

So What should I plan on doing ?

Motor Size: 480-size brushed motor (installed)
Prop Size: 9 x 6
Battery: 11.1V 3S 1300mAh LiPo battery (included)
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