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Originally Posted by RVDriver View Post
I'm no electronics expert but a few advantages of brushless would be:
  • No friction losses of in commutator.
  • No sparking and wear of the brushes and armature contacts.
  • No limitations on current and/or voltage caused by the commutator.
  • With brushless the timing of the motor can vary depending on load and RPM (making it more efficient) brushed timing is fixed for all conditions.

There is one advantage of the brushed motor over the typical sensorless brushless motor on RC models, and that's that the brushless can produce full torque right from stationary. A sensorless brushless has to initially spin up slowly at low torque until timing is established. This generally isn't a huge issue for airplanes but it's a problem for cars. the better cars have sensored brushless motors which gets around the problem.
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