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Originally Posted by kyleservicetech View Post
You might be starting a can of worms here

From my perspective, having owned a number of $$$$ Astroflight brush type motors up to about 900 Watts, brushless is the way to go.

You've probably got a few battery powered tools like drills and so forth. These are all brush type units. Problem is with brushes, with the physical space available in a typical model motor, those brushes can't handle much more than about 30 Amps. Push them to hard, and they won't last more than a season of flying. Or maybe much less.

Going on to brushless motors, the required switching of the motors windings is done electronically. These motors are essentially a three phase AC motor with a variable frequency drive. These electronic switches can handle a surprising amount of power, far exceeding that of a brush setup. It's not hard to come up with a brushless motor that can handle over 1000 watts, or about 1.3 horsepower.

I've had three different models that started out with a brush type motor, namely the top of the line Astroflight motors, back in the mid 1980's. These motors were upgraded with the $$$$Hacker motors, using the same battery pack, and same airplane. Performance immediately increased, and at the same time, flight times were longer.

For the real small, tiny models, a brush type motor works just nicely. Once you get to a wingspan of perhaps 20 inches or more, brushless motors start to make sense.

The circuitry behind those brushless motor controllers is extremely complex, along with even more complex computer software used to drive that circuitry. How does it work? "Very Well!".

Name brand Electronic Speed Controls along with quality brushless motors can easily outperform a glow engine in the same model. Only problem is, brushless motors are limited to perhaps 6-8 minute flying time, where a glow engine can double that flying time.

Hope that helps.
great general answer Denny

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